Shabbat urn by Hidurit

Incredibly safe Catering Urn

No need to worry about getting burned by the urn or leaving children around. Hidurit brings to you a stunning Shabbat Urn with 7 safety features available in 3 colours AND you can still warm your challot on top. 

Shabbat hotplate by Hidurit

Stunning new Hotplate

Fed up of the flimsy hotplates that you worry about catching fire all of Shabbat? Your worries are over. Hidurit has developed a hotplate in line with halacha that is safe, easy to clean and looks beautiful in your home. 

Shabbat hotplate covers by Hidurit

Elegant Hotplate Covers

Elegant leather like heat resistant and fire retardant Shabbat hotplate covers. 

Shabbat urn, hotplate and hotplate cover set by Hidurit

Hidurit Set - the Perfect Gift

Urn, Hotplate and Cover Set for an ideal present. Contact us today for your perfect combination.


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